Who we are


The power of teamwork

Our Purpose

Helping family businesses create big solutions

We bring value adding skills and expertise to our clients across rural and regional Australia and to all Industry sectors.


You will never write an extraordinary story until you realise you are the author

Sometimes when you follow your dream, it opens the door for others to be able to follow theirs

How we work

Our focus is on you, your family and your business.

We assist business owners throughout rural and regional Australia to manage the complexities associated with their transition and we understand what is required to achieve a successful outcome.
Our proven plan building process will provide you with clear objectives, cost effective solutions and definite results within realistic timeframes.
Throughout the planning process we aim to maintain harmony between key stakeholders and a commitment to a positive outcome.
Runs on the Board

We have a proven track record working with major industry groups, government departments and businesses both small or large.

Australia Wide

As a leading Rural and Regional Business Transition and Succession Specialist our clients include some of Australia’s largest landowners as well as a wide range of small to medium sized businesses.


National Australia Bank have chosen the Next Transition Group to assist their customers deal with business transition and succession issues.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

With collective experience in business, accounting, law, estate planning, financial and mediation services, business reengineering and planning, Aged Care and Centrelink assessments, our team bring value-adding skills and expertise to our clients acrossthe rural and regional sector. We are recognised throughout Australia for our expertise in helping many hundreds of rural and regional family businesses.

Our Leadership

Mark Scanlon

Chief Exective Officer
Mark is a Chartered Accountant who has worked for international accounting firms KPMG and Grant Thornton. He has spent most of his professional life working with businesses throughout rural and regional Australia. Mark has gained an enviable reputation as one of the leaders in transition and succession planning and has assisted many hundreds of family businesses to manage generational change and other business transition issues. Mark is based in NSW.
What we belive

Our Values to live by​

Our unique values describe, at the most fundamental level, what we stand for. These six values shape our culture, influence who we are, what we do, and even who we hire. They're hard-wired into our DNA and will stay the same as we continue to grow.







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