The first step in understanding how you can get to your destination is to determine your current position. We assist businesses to establish where they are in their lifecycle and how they can successfully move into the next phase.

There are many forms of transition that a business may undertake, for example:

  • Generational Succession
  • Preparing for a sale
  • Mergers or takeovers
  • Business/asset acquisitions
  • Management Buy-In / Buy-Out
  • Changes in ownership/control
  • Exponential growth
  • Key person issues and leadership planning
  • Partnership/equity holder issues
  • Business improvement and efficiency
  • Export marketing and trade

When a business is going through a form of transition, business assets, efficiency, culture and resources can be put at risk. Next Strategic has a mission to guide our clients successfully through their journey of change. We understand how to manage the impediments that cause transformation efforts to fail.

Our first step is to establish an explicit mandate by determining the intended destination and how best to construct the journey. We gather information on the aspirations, expectations and objectives of all stakeholders. Comprehensive background data is obtained to ensure no detail is overlooked in creating a forward pathway.

Clearly defined milestones with supporting documentation plot the passage of change to enable outcomes to be achieved efficiently with the full commitment of all involved.

High level expertise in all associated disciplines, including business process re-engineering, change management, leadership planning, legal & accounting and estate planning, provides a comprehensive review of all advice and ensures robust outcomes.