Understanding your future direction following retirement, can save money and avoid family conflict. Many issues require consideration, not just financial matters. Next Direction has the specialist expertise to help you develop your forward plan.

After a busy working life, many people in their 60’s ad 70’s look forward to reducing their working hours or ceasing employment altogether. This is often considered a time to pursue existing hobbies and interests more seriously and even to develop new ones.

Many people are fortunate in that they continue to enjoy good health during these latter years. For others, daily activities may become more difficult, particularly when illness is involved.

When support with everyday tasks such as cooking, shopping, transport, administering medication and personal hygiene are required, there are numerous options available and it is important to find the one that best suits each individual.

Generally, people have three choices:

  1. Stay at home and receive assistance. For some people, family are in the position to offer this support. Others may obtain some assistance via government subsidized home care packages. While a third option is to choose the use of private carers.
  2. Move to a retirement village where some limited assistance may be provided.
  3. Enter an Aged Care Facility where the care provided is based on individual needs.

Planning ahead creates certainty and clarity for the future. Next Direction will work with you and your family to develop your plan for life.